Monthly Membership Club For Female Entrepreneurs

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Monthly Members Club For Female Entrepreneurs!

Create your business, strengthen your skills, grow your income and finally have that dream freedom-based business you always wanted!

Welcome … to your exclusive, entrepreneur members club for boss queens!

Whether you are-

  • A new business owner looking for guidance on where to start.

Cutting through the noise, we know what we are talking about, and success is the only option!

  • An entrepreneur looking to scale your business, and I don’t mean small time….

Because you need to go big or go home! Right?

  • A bricks and mortar business trying to work out how to get online.

Stop hustling and waiting for someone else to map your future. Take control, and watch your business BOOM!

monthly membership site for boss babes
online training for female entrepreneurs

We have high standards here … and that Ladies, is the first thing we all have in common!

  • You want in-depth training without the fluff and fuss.
  • You want your training to be invaluable
  • You DON’T want to join another membership site that promises the world but leaves you disappointed.
  • You want to see results and we PROMISE, that is exactly what you will get!

Get instant access to awesome training, resources, tools and more … worth £1000’s

Plus, new content added every single month!

membership for female entrepreneurs
members club for female entrepreneurs
members club for female entrepreneurs
members club for female entrepreneurs
members club for female entrepreneurs
membership for female entrepreneurs
members club for female entrepreneurs
the training hub
members club for female entrepreneurs
members club for female entrepreneurs
membership for female entrepreneurs
members club for female entrepreneurs
the training hub
membership for female entrepreneurs
Come join our awesome monthly members’ club specially created for female entrepreneurs who want to take their business & life to the next level!

I know there are other options, and I know you may be thinking; 


Because we will be giving you the amazing, deep, meaningful and invaluable training you have been searching for … each and every month.

Training from highly skilled and experienced businesswomen who can show you EXACTLY what you need to do to make your business a HUGE SUCCESS … not to mention a badass community, a tribe of fellow boss queens to support you.

No fluff, no fuss … just totally transformational training & support that WILL get you awesome results FAST!

The best monthly membership for female entrepreneurs!

Let’s be realistic here, being an entrepreneur is far from the easy option. 

We are trailblazers, muddling our way through each day, and learning as we go. It isn’t easy making ALL the decisions, the responsibility weighs heavily on our shoulders. 

It doesn’t have to be such heavyweight to carry and you don’t have to do it alone anymore!

Sometimes our friends and family just don’t get us…. We don’t do things the conventional way, and it is hard for them to support us on our journey that they don’t understand. It can feel a little lonely. Right?

Wouldn’t it be AMAZING to grow, learn, and share our experiences with women who share the same goal?

Increased Profit

We will show you how to maximise your sales and minimise your expenditure so you can have more profit in your pocket

Soaring sales

Making sales online doesn’t have to hard when you know how – we’re going to share the best techniques and strategies.

Exponential growth

Real successful businesses continue to grow and expand so let us show you exactly how to keep your business growing.

Diminish overwhelm

Nothing stops success faster than overwhelm. We’ll help you keep focused, on track so that you can say “bye” to overwhelm.

Reduce stress

Having all the training, resources, support all in one place will help keep those stress levels down. We’re here to support you any way we can.

Disregard burn out

Burnout will kill your business but you don’t need to worry about that as we’ll help you just focus on all the right things to ensure success without burnout!


  • New Training/Workshop by Lisajane or A Guest Expert.
  • New Resource/Download/Tool.
  • Live Q&A Group Session With Lisajane
  • Fun Action Packed Group Project.
  • Ongoing support inside the Facebook group.
  • Plus more surprises and gifts exclusive for members.

All this awesomeness EVERY month for one tiny monthly price!

Get in here…. What are you waiting for??

You will gain-

    • Knowledge from our amazing training programs
    • Expertise from our fantastic resources
    • An abundance of useful done for you content
    • New skills from our non-comparable downloads
    • Support from us and from our tribe
    • Meaningful friendships 
    • Deep understanding from others who can empathise with our struggles and more importantly, help celebrate our BIG wins!

We are ALL female Entrepreneurs. We understand you!

This membership will be the ONLY thing you need in your life to take your business to new heights!

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for incredible business growth.

Enrol now, commit to growing your business.

No excuses!

You don’t need permission to focus on your business. Making sensible investments will allow you to see the growth that you cannot afford to miss out on! The sky’s the limit!!


Hi there Queen 👑

I am Lisajane – the CEO and Founder of MULTIPLE 6-figure businesses!

Just 4 years ago I was a single mum struggling to survive on welfare benefits. I’d had enough of the struggle … I knew I could achieve so much more and I knew deep in my heart that I had to make big changes MYSELF if I wanted to create an awesome life for my kiddies.

So … with nothing more than an idea and just £3.70 in my bank, I took to the internet to find how I could turn my skills, knowledge and qualifications into a business that works!

And within just a few weeks, I signed off benefits, registered as self-employed and I was on my way to success … and I have never looked back since!

I started out as a service-based boss queen … offering coaching, as I had experience and skills in this area but I soon realised that the skills I had actually gained just by setting up a business all alone, were much needed by others … so I started to mentor others on how to get their business set up and running.

Now I also own a web design businesses, branding and design agency, plus Done For You Divas.  All of which I have built from scratch and make over 6-figures.

I have turned side hustles into thriving 6-figure businesses [Yes, it is ABSOLUTELY possible with the right help!] I have bought and sold businesses and I have even created brand new businesses simply to sell on for huge profits.  Not to blow my own trumpet or anything … but as you can see … I kind of know a thing or 2 about business!


I’m a really down to earth chick with a straight to the point attitude…. always following a “NO NONSENSE” approach. I hate nothing more then wasting peoples time so it has always been important to me to give all my clients and customers SOLID training, advice and support. Plus, as I’m confident in skills and knowledge, I will tell people exactly what they need to change to get the results … sometimes this isn’t pretty, but boy …  does it get YOU results!

You can make excuses or you make progress. Your choice!

Believe me when I say, I offer solid training, packed full of information that is helpful.

No fluff and padding here! We don’t have time to waste.



Check out what past clients and customers have to say about Lisajane and the training she provides.

I hit my first $5k month while working with Lisajane!

With the help of Lisajane, I was able to hit my first $5k month and now working towards my first $5k WEEK!


Check out what past clients and customers have to say about Lisajane and the training she provides.



… Unlimited access to ALL OF THIS …

Monthly Training 

Get a brand new training/workshop every month!

All areas of business set-up, growth, and management. Regardless of your current situation, we have got your back! 

Branding, web designs, content creation, relationship marketing, blogging, social media, sales techniques, email marketing, paid advertising, client retention, increasing profit, goal setting, mindset, legal and so much more.

All areas covered!

I used to change anywhere between £97 – £297 for my training courses and you’ll now get them for a fraction of that price … each and every month.

Q&A/Group Sessions 

Get all your business questions answered in real-time with a live Q&A session with me – Lisajane. 

This is where you get to have detailed and informative answers to all your business-related questions. 

What’s your sticking point?? Let me help! 

Straight-up advice and answers to all your burning questions!

For sessions like this with me, would normally cost you well over £500 per session but these are included in your tiny monthly membership price.

Guest Experts 

We are going to bring in even more knowledge by teaming up with some of the best experts in a wide range of niches and businesses. Everything covered from service-based businesses to product-based businesses. Ladies we have got you covered!

Collaboration over competition wins. EVERY TIME!


We are going to create a number of different, fun, action-packed projects that we can do together. Helping you to make progress in your business. 

Projects coupled with our amazing training, will ensure you will see your business grow rapidly. These projects are to help you actually get things done in your business and start seeing results. 

Accountability- helping you see tasks through from the beginning all the way to success!


Done for You Divas are the QUEENS of resources. No paid membership of ours would be complete without a stack of amazing resources and downloads created just for you. 

Created to save you time and money and reduce your stress and overwhelm.

These resources will be worth over £40 each and we intend to pack this membership with new resources every single month.

Continued Support 

Not only will you get all the support you need from the whole DFYD team, but as a member of this community, you’ll be getting the support and encouragement from all your fellow tribe members too. 


Supportive friendships and relationships are worth the WORLD!

Secure & Private Members Area 

We have created an amazing private members area for you where all of your content will be safely stored. 

Super simple to use and easy to find all the content you need, when you need it!

We have already started stocking up your member’s area with training and resources so you can get stuck in right away. And new content is added every single month.

Access 24/7 at the tip of your fingers

Private Facebook Group

The home of our tribe! Gain invaluable additional support, live Q&A sessions, interviews with experts.

Feeling safe in the knowledge, we have got your back!

Help for ALL female Entrepreneurs. We pride ourselves for being super friendly and inclusive. Get comfortable and get ready to enjoy the journey with us!



Yes! We offer a huge range of training and support for both established business and those who just have an idea.

If you are yet to start your business then you will find the training, resources and support here invaluable. 

We are here to support you no matter where you are in your journey to success!


No, not at all!

The training, resources and support inside the Training Hub are for all types of online businesses. We will be covering a HUGE range of subjects, topics and issues which will benefit you no matter what type of online business you have.

Lisajane has years of experience running both service-based and product-based business … plus the guest experts we will be having will also come from a huge range of backgrounds!

Is this just for online businesses

Well … yes and no!

All the training, resources you’ll find inside the Training Hub will be mainly geared around running and growing an online business.

But even businesses that are currently only off-line [bricks and mortar busiesness] can benefit as we will teach you how to bring your business into the virtual world, how to maximise your online presence and how to start making money ONLINE as well as off line.


I've just signed up but not get an emails?

Check your spam and promo folder. Sometimes we get up in there.

If our welcome emails are still missing, drop us an email at


Sadly no!

Due to the digital nature of our products, we do not offer refunds as there is no way of “returning” the products to us. Plus we need to protect the integrity of our content. 

But, we are 100% confident that you are going to LOVE the content inside the Training Hub!


Yes … Of course!!

We have an awesome feature inside your account where you can pause and resume your membership and pause payments if you need to take a short payment break.

You can also cancel your membership anytime by dropping us an email. Please note, once you have cancelled your subscription, you will not be able to rejoin the Training hub at a later date … so if you just want a payment break, the pause/resume feature is best for you … this way you can restart your membership at a later date.


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